Here is a great shipping campaign from one of our sponsers HobbyLink Japan! You can buy as much stuff as you want with a flat rate EMS shipping for only 2,000 yen before December 22, 2011!! For more detail, please visit the HobbyLink Japan Holiday EMS Shipping Campaign page here.

——Description from HobbyLink Japan——

It’s another “all-you-can-ship” extravaganza from HLJ! Enjoy a flat shipping rate of just 2,000 yen per box for postal service EMS for shippable orders with the purchase of at least one Special Campaign Item! Now through December 22.

In order to take advantage of this great shipping offer, all you have to do is:

  • Order at least one Special Campaign Item along with any other items that are shippable between 6pm December 8 and 6pm December 22, 2011 (Japan Standard Time; GMT+9. Find out what time that is where you live by clicking HERE).
  • During checkout, choose EMS as your shipping method.
  • Enjoy extremely cheap express shipping!

All other discounts and sales prices apply as normal. We hope this great offer will help you with your holiday shopping!

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——Before you start ordering, please read these important notes, terms and conditions:——

  • Campaign is valid only for orders for shippable items placed between 6pm December 8 and 6pm December 22, 2011 (Japan Standard Time; GMT+9). Check what time that will be at your location HERE. The EMS shipping estimates on individual item pages will display the normal shipping estimates for single items as usual. (NOTE: The special campaign rate will be applied after shippable orders are processed. When possible, items you ordered prior to the start of the campaign that become shippable during the campaign period may also be shipped together with eligible orders at the special rate.)
  • Only orders including at least one Special Campaign Item will be eligible for this special shipping rate. Shippable items in orders containing at least one Special Campaign Item will be processed as soon as possible, with unshippable items (such as backordered, restock, or future release items) set aside as separate orders. If any of those unshippable items become shippable during the campaign, they will also be processed for shipping as a separate order, but at the campaign rate. Any items still unshippable at the end of the campaign will be shipped without the campaign rate when they become available, as normal. Please use the Account Maintenance Sytem to modify your orders (see this page for details). Orders that you place without at least one Special Campaign Item will not be eligible for the campaign.
  • All standard payment methods are acceptable. When paying by credit card or a PayPal Billing Agreement, all shippable orders will be automatically shipped, and your credit card or PayPal Billing Agreement charged as usual. When paying by regular PayPal, we’ll send you a payment request e-mail as usual when your order is ready to ship asking you to go to PayPal’s site and authorize the payment to us.
  • Orders shipped under this campaign will be shipped by postal service EMS to any country we can ship to worldwide (excluding Japan). To qualify for the campaign, select EMS as your shipping method! If you choose FedEx or SAL, your orders will ship by those methods as usual, without the campaign rate.
  • IMPORTANT: Due to weight and size restrictions, larger orders may be split into multiple shipping boxes. The 2,000 yen shipping rate will be charged per box, not per order. Example: If a large single order must be shipped in two boxes, the total shipping charged will be 4,000 yen (2,000 yen x 2). Please note that we cannot make estimates about whether particular orders will fit into a single shipping box, or provide details on our various box sizes. For very rough estimate purposes, the largest shipping box the postal service will accept measures 82cm x 57cm x 44cm, and can weigh up to 30kg. These limits are lower for some countries.
  • Our system manages only one shipping method at a time, which applies to all open orders in an account once chosen, so please remember to change back to your preferred shipping method in your account after the campaign is over.
  • Aside from the special shipping rate on EMS shipping, all usual terms and conditions apply.
  • The special rate will apply while supplies of the Special Campaign Items last, or until 6pm December 22, 2011 (Japan Standard Time; GMT+9). Eligible items ordered up to the cessation of the campaign (even if it ends prior to 6pm December 22, 2011) will continue to be shipped at the special rate. Orders placed after the campaign ends (in either case) are of course not eligible for the campaign rate.
  • NOTE: If a customer already has an order awaiting payment, new orders cannot proceed until that payment is completed. Make sure you take care of any payments due before the campaign ends to be able to take advantage of this offer.