Hobby Complex 06 Tokyo was held in Tokyo Big Sight (東京ビッグサイト) on December 21, 2008. It’s just like a doujin GK event. It’s mostly the individual GK workshops to sell their products and some big manufacturers to showcase their works.

Since there are too many pic (Over 300!!), I cut it down into 5 parts, around 60pic for each part just in cause the server go down again. As you know the server was down in the part couple days since I posted the Winter 2009 anime list and the Magazine scans. Let’s hope that the server can handle it this time otherwise I think I’ll need to pay for a server. (-___________-

I tried my best to collect all the pic that floating around in net and put them together. But still I couldn’t make the list completed. You can read the complete list here. I skipped the the big name manufacturers for now and I’ll post them in the next couple days.

Induividual workshops:

Big manufacturers:

FYI, the first set of “letter + number” is the booth number following by the name of the workshop. For example: [A02: プラヅマ法力模型] “A02” is the booth number and “プラヅマ法力模型” is the name of the workshop.



A02: プラヅマ法力模型


A04: 工房金竜

A05-06: 上越造形研究所

A07-10: りゅんりゅん亭

A11-12: 83℃

A15-16: 桜前線

A17: 温泉天国

A18: Echo

A23-28: リキッドストーン

A29-34: CerberusProject TM

A35-36: Works-札幌

A43-44: チェリーブロッサム

A49: ふらっと☆ぶらっと

B01-02: くらぶファンタスト


B03: Irving lab

B16: 耳式

B17-18: 内藤製作所

You can download the original size Part1 pic here
Linebarrels of Iron Kizaki Emi Swim Suit Ver.1/8 PVC figure by Kotobukiya

source Hobby Dog, Temporary Feeling, 隠れオタクの秘密基地