Gift is going to release the Hi.Ma.Wa.Ri Plush Series 02 Aqua ( アクア ) plush from the doujin eroge “Hi.Ma.Wa.Ri” ( ひまわり ) form the doujin circle “Blank-Note” ( ぶらんくのーと ). Will be released on December 29 in Comiket 77. Around 200mm tall (sitting position), 2,500 yen.

Don’t know if anybody know about this doujin work “Hi.Ma.Wa.Ri”. I never play the game (have the CG set tho) and I only read couple chapters of the manga. From those couple chapters that I read, it’s something about a loli alien girl, Aries, fell into Earth and started to live here. That’s all I know about it. I don’t even know who Aqua is, haha, but she is cute. =P

Beside these Aqua and Aries plushies, they’re going to release the Drama CD in Comiket 77 too.

Hi.Ma.Wa.Ri Aqua