BEAT is going to release the Kiryu Asheryka Natsuki ( 桐生・アーシェリカ・夏樹 ) Black Ver. ( ブラックver. )1/7 PVC figure original character designed by “Shitone” ( 祇音 ) from the series “Hall of Shitone” ( 祇音の館 ). Will be released in July 2009. Around 220mm tall, 6,800 yen. Only 400 pieces will be manufactured. Castoffable.

This is the thrid color version of Kiryu Asheryka Natsuki already. I think this Black Ver. looks the best out of the three. I know most of people think that their *eyes and bottom are too big and make the body proportion out of balance. But if you look at the original illustration, you know that the figurer sculptor fixed her proportion already!

You can read more about “Hall of Shitone” here.

The Original Cololr (left) and the White Ver. (right)

via BEAT