Amie-Grand is going to release the Henrietta ( ヘンリエッタ )1/8 painter garage kit from the manga/anime “Gunslinger Girl” ( ガンスリンガー·ガール ) . Will be released in September 2008. Around 120mm tall, 10,500 yen.

I have a friend that she loves Gunslinger Girl a lot, and she loves Ichigo Mashimaro too. Um… come to think of it, isn’t it makes her a lolicon just like me??? XD

I used to like Gunslinger Girl manga so much. There are bunch of little loli girls running around in the story. But until a new girl showed up recently, I don’t like it as much anymore. As for anime, the second season is really disappointing. The drawings are so ugly, and I hate the OP so much! =(

Gunslinger Girl-Il Teatrino OP

Official Gunslinger Girl anime homepage