Bandai is going to release the S.H.Figuarts Alisa Ilynichna Amiera ( アリサ・イリーニチナ・アミエーラ ) -GOD EATER 2 EDITION- action figure from the game “God Eater 2” ( ゴッドイーター2 ) pulished by D3 Publisher. Will be released in June 2014. Around 140mm tall, 5,400 yen (taxed in). Tamashii Web exclusive.

This is the third Alisa Ilynichna Amiera action figure from Bandai but this one is a little bit different then the other two. This new Alisa action figure is in the S.H.Figuarts line but the other two are in the D-Arts line. I’m not really familiar with the product lines of Bandai so I can’t really tell the different. Their sizes are the same and their prices are very similar. Please let me know if anyone know the differences between D-Arts and S.H.Figuarts. =]

Well anyway, for those of you who want to order this S.H.Figuarts Alisa, you can order her at Tamashii web shop HERE with your proxy service.