Good Smile Company is going to release the Nendoroid More Char B1 bis ( B1bis ) non-scale model tank from the anime movie “Girls und Panzer das Finale” ( ガールズ&パンツァー 最終章 ). Will be released in July 2018. Around 1760mm long, 5,741 yen. Nendoroid Petit is NOT included.

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Alright, here are the rest of the figure news I mentioned last night. Actually I have two more exclusive figure from Megahouse and I’ll post them later.

——Description from Manufacturer——

"Gotou, Nozomi , let’s show them what the public morals committee can do!"

From the popular anime "GIRLS und PANZER das Finale" comes a series of tanks to join the Nendoroid More series. The eleventh tank in the series is one of the tanks used by the Oarai Girls High School Mallard Team – the Char B1 bis!

The details of the tank have been carefully preserved while shrinking the tank down to cute Nendoroid Petite size, and the gunner’s hatch can be opened and closed! Be sure to display the tank together with the Nendoroid Petite: GIRLS und PANZER 03 series!

**Nendoroid Petit Sono Midoriko is NOT included**