Gift Plush Festival ( Giftぬいぐるみふぇすてぃばる ) is held in animate Akihabara branch ( アニメイト秋葉原店 ) 7/F event hall on May 01-02, 2010. It was a plush exhibition held by Gift themselves to showcase their upcoming and existing plushies.

Arf (doggy ver.)

Yuno Scrya

Aigis is cute!

KUD!!!!!!!!! =D

Wow, wow! So much for “No photo allowed!”. No idea who are those 3 girls tho.

Saber Alter


Arcueid Brunestud

Wow, TAKO LUKA!!! I want her!!!!

Nakamachi Kana from “Kanamemo”! =D

Nuked apron Soniko!! Haha, she is so sexy. XD

Lucky Dog1 series (ラッキドッグ1), I have no idea what it is.

Good Smile Company’s display is on the other side. I’ll post them later.