CM’s Corp. is going release the Gutto Kuru Figure Collection 20 Cure Black ( キュアブラック ) non-scale action figure from the anime “Futari wa Precure Max Heart” ( ふたりはプリキュアMax Heart ). Will be released in August 2009. Around 200mm tall, 9,800 yen.

Part of my Precure collection from series 1 to series 6

I’m a big fan of Precure (Pretty Cure). But since the target market of this show is little kids in elementary school, there aren’t many figures available. The photo above are part of my Precure collection. They’re really hard to come by since most of them are trading figure and gashapon. Everytime they release a new set of trading figure/gashapon, I have to order 1 to 2 big boxes (10-12 figures in 1 big box) from Japan just trying to get a whole set.

Precure is kind-of those magical girl show, but it’s really different from the traditional ones. In those traditional shows, those magic girls always use magic to fight the bad guys. But in Precure, they use kick and punch most of the time.

There are 6 series in Precure so far. The director of the first three series, 1-Precure, 2-Max Heart, 3-Splash Star, is the same guy who directed Dragon Ball. So when I watched the first 3 series of Precure, it was like I was watching a girl version of Dragon Ball. Splash Star is my most favorite Precure series. The story is really good and the fighting scenes are the best in all the 6 Precure series. I highly recomment that you watch the clip below, it’s really cool. =D

Precure Splash Star ep 48 battle scene

In the 4th series “Yes! Precure 5” and the 5th series “Yes! Precure 5 GoGo”, they changed the director to some other guy so the style of the show changed dramastically. They changed from Dragon ball to Super Sentai (like Power Rangers). These 2 Precure series are my least favorite ones tho.

Precure Super Sentai?

Last but not least, in the 6 series, Fresh Precure, they changed the Super Sentai style to something else again. People said they looks like Kamen Rider (Masked Rider) but I don’t really agree on this. No, they aren’t altered human nor riding bike everywhere they go, but their attack are focusing in fly kicks now. This is my second favorite Precure series. =]

Fresh Precure ED

Anyway, let’s come back to this Cure Black action figure. This Cure Black comes from the 2nd Precure series “Max Heart”. She is really cool girl and a really good fighter. Just like the other action figure from CM’s, they hide the joints very well and she is really poseable. There are so many photos of Fate from the same CM’s action figure series going around in the internet now. People posing her with so many different poses which I don’t think figma or Fraulein can do. It’s really hard to believe how poseable she is (Click here for the sample, 15+ I guess?). Too bad their price tag is out of my reach. =(

Cure Black VS Cure White

Futari wa Precure Max Heart OP

Official Futari wa Precure Max Heart homepage

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