WAVE is going to re-release the DreamTech Yuki Haruna ( 悠木陽菜 ) 1/8 PVC figure from the eroge “FORTUNE ARTERIAL” (フォーチュン アテリアル) published by “August” ( オーガス ). Will be re-released in March 2011. Around 190mm tall, 5,500 yen.

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Sendo Erika (left ) and Yuki Haruna Yuki (right)

Since the Fortune Arterial made into Anime this season and the PS3 version is coming too, WAVE decided to re-release both Sendo Erika and Yuki Haruna. No word about the other 3 girls, but I guess they will do the same to them too. =]

Yuki Kanade, Yuki Haruna, Erika Sendo, Kuze Kiriha, and Togi Shiro (from left to right)

——Description from Manufacturer——

Sculpted by zenko

With an anime adaptation as well as a new PS3 version Fortune Arterial is hotter than ever before and Wave is bringing fan-favorite character Haruna Yuki back! Based on the original character design and sculpted by zenko this is a must-have item for any Fortune Arterial fan!