Max Factory is going to release the figma 038 Drössel ( ドロッセル ) action figure form the Toei X Disney anime series “Fireball” ( ファイアボール ). Will be released in June 2009. Around 135mm tall, 3,048 yen.

You can pre-order her here 

This is the fake Hatsune Miku Drössel from the anime series “Fireball” by Toei animation and Disney. Since I don’t watch local TV, I really have no idea if we have this show Fireball in North America or not. But judge from the Fireball homepage and the search result from Youtube, seems like it’s only available in Japan.

As most people say, Max Factory did a really really good job on this figma Drössel. The figma joints fit her unbelievably well and she also comes with a lot of accessories. The price is a little bit high for figma tho.

——Description from Manufacturer——

Long-awaited by all, except mankind.

From “Fireball”, the first ever original Disney animation to have it’s debut release in Japan, comes a figma of the noble robot, Drössel.

  • Using the smooth yet poseable joints of figma, you can act out various scenes.
  • The two different fashion units that featured in the show are both included, and can be switched at any time.
  • The flight unit, Obruchev is also included, allowing you to recreate Drössel’s flight scenes.
  • Various hand parts are included, and the memory device left to her by her father, the PROSPERO book, is also included.
  • Her distinctive ocean blue eyes are sculpted using a clear plastic for a more realistic effect.
  • Comes with a poseable figma stand that makes it possible to recreate various scenes.

Fireball episode 1

Official Fireball homepage

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