Heat System is going to release the mascot of Moeyo.com Fii-tan ( フィーたん ) soft vinyl figure with mini book from the web comic “Figure no Fiitan” ( フィギュアのフィーたん ). Will be released in August 2009. Around 110mm tall, 4,571 yen. A purple strips panty AmiAmi limited edition is also available.

Here is the Fii-tan, the mascot of Moeyo.com! I like her a lot, she is really cute. In the Moeyo.com web comic “Figure no Fiitan”, she is a figure created by Moetaro (the owner of Moeyo.com) and he made her alive with black magic. Fii-tan has a little sister called Ripe-tan. They should looks exculty the same since they were made by the same mold. But Fii-tan dropped her by accident and cracked her chest while she was still in the GK stage. This incident made Moetaro an idea to make Ripe-tan with flat chest. XD

Fii-tan (left) and Ripe-tan (right)

The web comic is in Japanese, but I think you don’t really need able to read Japanese and you can still understand it. There are 155 chapters so far. I downloaded them all one-by-one and zipped them here.

Figure no Fiitan ch.1-155

Camel toe purple strips panty AmiAmi limited edition XD

Official Figure no Fiitan homepage

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