Wow, another update for February. It’s really rare that I would do two news update in the same month.

  • New theme for Neko Magic! You might not be able to tell the different, but it’s a totally new theme. I just recycle the old graphic.
  • Reduced 2pt for the body text and the side panels. I hope it’s not too small. If you didn’t notice this changes, then it’s good.
  • Showed “Tags” for every single post. I hope it’s easier for you guys to check out the similar post with the same tag.
  • I’ll re-work the “Release” and “Download” section. Now I have to update those pages manual and I haven’t update the “Download” for ages. I’m working on the PHP now and hope that it can update itself automatically in the future.
  • Removed the RSS exchange by mistake. Now I added it back. But seems like it doesn’t work for some reason. I’m looking into it right now.

Now I need help from you guys. Please help me to look for bugs!! Since I changed to this theme, I found a lot of bugs such as…

  1. the (BT) icon beside the URL in the browser
  2. Too much space between above the main top banner (Firefox 3.0.6)
  3. 1 extra pixel on the right side panel ( IE 6.0)
  4. The weird width navigation bar (the “Page 1 to 63 | 1 | 2 | 3 |” thing) (IE 6.0)
  5. The smile face 🙂 under the footer (IE 6.0)

If you find some more bugs or find something strange, please let me know! But the “Layout design is ugly” or “the top banner is bad” doesn’t count. XD

Anyhow, as usual, I wouldn’t just post the news update without any figure pic. Here comes the figma Hatsune Miku X Fraulein Pocco X Fraulein Ayanami Rei! I visited my friend last last Friday and fooling around with his toys, keekee. Too bad I didn’t bring my camera and his camera was in his official. So I took the pic with cellphone and his 5 yrs old point-and-shoot.

Big *eyes* Miku!!! (OO.

But I think Miku looks better with smal *eyes* =P

Haha, looks like she didn’t wear panty here.

Forgot to turn off the date… (-_____-.

Miku with Positron Rifle! =D

Headless Miku at the background.

Gatling gun!!!


It would be great if those are leeks