Kotobukiya is going to release the Saber-san ( セイバーさん ) non-scale plastic kit from the eroge/anime “Fate/stay night” published by Type-Moon. Will be released in June 2011. Around 110mm tall, 3,000 yen.

Wahaha, it’s so funny that Kotobukiya names her Saber”-SAN”!!!! XD I guess they try to make her as a sequence of HoiHoi-san. I wonder if they’re gonna make the other chacaters like Rin or Rider. Maybe they will make Saber Lily, Saber Alter, and Saber Extra too?

For those who don’t like to build plastic kit, you better stick with the Nendoroid Saber Super Movable Edition since you can get her like 2,000 yen at some places now. But for those who like plastic kit, I think this Saber-san is a must! Even I didn’t build any plastic kit for like 15 years, I think I’ll pick up my cutter and paint brush again just for her. =D

——Description from Manufacturer——

Saber, fan’s all-time favorite character from Fate/stay night has now joined Kotobukiya’s
Pla-Kit series.

Although an assembly kit, her pupils, eyebrows and mouth are pre-painted, and her silver armor is already molded in silver color.

Other parts are also molded in several colors.

Just by assembling you will see adorable arranged “Saber-san.”

Accessories: Excalibur (clear version), pupil parts (straight, to the right and to the left), optional expression (yelling) and optional wrists (tight fist, open hand and weapon holder).

**Figure stand is not included**

**Figure stand is not included**

**Figure stand is not included**

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