Hobby Japan (manufactured by Alter) is going to release the Saber Alter ( セイバーオルタ ) Maid Ver. ( メイドVer. ) 1/6 PVC figure from the anime/game series “Fate/hollow ataraxia” ( フェイト/ホロウアタラクシア ) published by Type-moon. Will be released in April on May 14, 2010. Around 260mm tall, 7,619 yen. Hobby Channel exclusive.

Wow this Saber is so… WOW!! She is gorgeous, and the price tag is really lovely. But yea, she is Hobby Channel exclusive and you have to pre-order her before November 10, 2009. Yea, I know we all hate Hobby Japan and Dengeki exclusive. =(

Fate/hollow ataraxia OP

Official Fate/hollow ataraxia homepage

via Hobby Channel