Good Smile Company is going to release the Learning with Manga! Fate/Grand Order Collectible Figures ( マンガで分かる!Fate/Grand Order トレーディングフィギュア ) trading figure form the “Fate/stay night” series “Fate/Grand Order” ( フェイト/グランドオーダー ). Will be released in August 2017. Around 35mm tall, 556 yen each; 3,334 yen for a BOX of 6 pieces. Total 6 kinds.

  • You can order them here:

Sorry again for lack of update over the past weekend and no Coming Soon this week. The condition of my grandfather is going downhill. He couldn’t breath by himself on Sunday and he is relying on life support now. The whole family stayed with him over the weekend so I didn’t have time to do any figure news update. =(

——Description from Manufacturer——

The bizarre characters of Fate/Grand Order’s “Learning with Manga” series!

The cute yet peculiar characters from the manga series on the Fate/Grand Order official site, “”Learning with Manga! Fate/Grand Order”” have been transformed into a selection of collectible figures!

The line-up includes six different characters including the Female Main Character/Gudako, Shielder/Mash Kyrielight, Saber/Altria Pendragon, Ruler/Jeanne d’Arc, Lancer/Scáthach and Lancer/Elizabeth Bathory. The figures may be small, but they have a mysterious charm to them that will spice up any display! Be sure to add them to your collection!

  • Female Main Character/Gudako ( 女主人公/ぐだ子 )

  • Shielder/Mash Kyrielight ( シールダー/マシュ・キリエライト )

  • Saber/Altria Pendragon ( イバー/アルトリア・ペンドラゴン )

  • Ruler/Jeanne d’Arc ( ルーラー/ジャンヌ・ダルク )

  • Lancer/Scáthach ( ランサー/スカサハ )

  • Lancer/Elizabeth Bathory ( ランサー/エリザベート・バートリー )