Native is going to release the Creators Collection October 31st Witch: Miss Orangette ( 10月31日の魔女 ミス・オランジェット ) 1/6 PVC figure from the original character illustrated by “Iida Pochi” ( 飯田ぽち。 ). Will be release in December 2020. Around 275mm tall, 19,800 yen (taxed in). Castoffable. Native Store exclusive.

This post contains adult material, you need to be 18 or over to view it.

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For those of you who want to get this October 31st Witch: Miss Orangette figure, you can pre-order it at Native Store HERE before October 31, 2019.

——Description from Manufacturer——

Beware of the "real witches" on Halloween Day.

Halloween Day has come once again. Far away from the costume and party filled festive streets lives a lone woman. A young boy and girl rap at her door.

"Trick or treat."

The girl receives some delicious homemade treats. She tells the boy that he can have a slice of her cake and invites him inside.

My, my… What sort of "trick" awaits?

Noticing a strange scent, he’s suddenly captivated by her lust filled gaze and body.

Illustrator Iida Pochi has provided us with this exclusive design of a sexy yet motherly witch lying in wait on Halloween night.

Features the exquisite craftsmanship of sculptor Soga (Moineau) and painter Hoshina who have perfectly captured the beautiful yet menacing qualities of the original illustration.

You’ll want to see what this witchy woman has to offer for yourself.

★ Pre-Order Bonus: Illustrated Postcard by Iida Pochi
★ Included: costume for naked upper body, lantern, stand