Figurex is going to release the Yuzuki Yukari ( 結月ゆかり ) 1/1 Life size PLA figure from the popular singing synthesizer application “Vocaloid 3″ ( ボーカロイド3). Will be released in late October 2016. Around 157.7cm x 63cm x 38cm, 1,280,000 yen (taxed in). Only 10 pieces will be available. Figurex exclusive.

Here comes the 1/1 life size Yuzuki Yukari figure! She is super expensive. But for those of you who want to get her, you can pre-order her at Figurex shop HERE before July 31, 2016 with your proxy service.

According to the Yuzuki Yukari product page, it comes with a speaker inside the figure. There is no information about the specification for the speaker tho. Not sure if it’s just a mp3 player or you can connect to your music devices by bluetooth or what not. But for those people who can fork out 1,280,000 yen for it, I guess they wouldn’t care about it. =P