Megahouse is going to release the G.E.M. series Hibari Kyoya & Hibari Kyoya & Reborn set ( 沢田綱吉&雲雀恭弥&リボーンセット ) 1/8 PVC figure set from the manga/anime “Reborn!” ( 家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN!). Will be released in January 2018. Around 210mm tall, 12,636 yen (taxed in). MegaTrea Shop, Premium Bandai, Jump Characters Store, and Animate exclusive.

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For those of you who want to get this Hibari Kyoya & Hibari Kyoya & Reborn set, you can pre-order them at the following stores with your proxy service.

——Description from Manufacturer——

From the anime series that is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, “REBORN!”, comes a figure of the character in line to become the 10th boss of the Vongola family, Tsunayoshi Sawada together with a figure of Kyoya Hibari. This special set including both characters also includes a special bonus figure of Reborn! Reborn has been sculpted in matching size to Tsuna and comes with his yellow Arcobaleno Pacifier as well as the shape-shifting chameleon Leon! The perfect collection of figures to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the series!

Tsunayoshi Sawada
Tsuna has been sculpted in a dynamic pose based on his appearance from the Varia Arc. Optional parts are also included in order to pose him making use of Hyper Dying Will Mode, and areas such as the necklace and chain make use of different materials to differentiate their textures from the rest of the figure.

Kyoya Hibari
Kyoga has been sculpted in a dynamic pose wearing his black suit with a fearless smile across his face. The middle finger on his right hand features a Vongola Ring, the proof of a Guardian, and his iconic tonfa weapons have also been faithfully preserved in figure form! Also note the Hibird on his shoulder, which can also be removed whenever you like!
Additional Information

3x Painted Figures. Tsunayoshi Approx. 190mm in Height / Kyoya Approx. 210mm in Height / Reborn Approx. 50mm in Height