WAVE is going to re-release the DreamTech Izumi Sagiri ( 和泉紗霧 ) Sweet Ver. Deluxe (Sweet Ver. デラックス ) 1/8 PVC figure from the light novel/manga/anime “Eromanga Sensei” ( エロマンガ先生 ). Will be re-released in November 2017. Around 125mm tall, 17,064 yen (taxed in). AniMaru! exclusive.

Wow we have 8 exclusive figure news for this weekend!

I started to read the Eromanga Sensei light novel after the anime ended last month. Now I’m at Vol.6 and I’m totally in love with Elf! I would totally pick Elf over Sagiri! But knowing the author (the super siscon) Elf will lost to Sagiri for sure. X'(

For those of you who want to get this DreamTech Izumi Sagiri Sweet Ver. Deluxe, you can pre-order her at AniMaru! HERE before July 17, 2017 with your proxy service.