Kadokawa (manufactured by Chara-ani) is going to release the Black Heart ( ブラックハート ) 1/7 PVC figure from the game “Cyberdimension Neptunia” ( 四女神オンライン ) published by Compile Heart. Will be released in February 2018. Around 180mm tall (210mm tall with wings), 13,900 yen (taxed in) for the standard edition, 17,680 yen (taxed in) for the Dengeki 25th Special Pack. Dengekiya and Amiami exclusive.

  • You can order her here:

For those of you who want to get this Black Heart 1/7 PVC figure, you can pre-order her from the following links before October 02, 2017 with your proxy service.

  • Amiami exclusive bonus

**Acrylic Keychain**

  • Dengekiya bonus

**Clear File**

  • Dengekya exclusive Dengeki 25th Special Pack

**Background stand**

**B2 size tapestry**

**Mini autograph of Tsunako (illustrator of Cyber Dimension Neptune)**

**Purple Heart is sold separately**