Rocket Boy is going to release the Creators Collection OSHITSUKE 1/6 PVC figure from original character by "Ishikei" ( 石恵 ) from the doujin circle “NiseMIDIdoronokai ” ( 偽MIDI泥の会 ). Will be release in May 2018. Around 260mm tall (300mm with base), 17,820 yen (taxed in).

This post contains adult material, you need to be 18 or over to view it.

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For those of you who want to get this OSHITSUKE figure, you can pre-order her at Native Online Shop HERE before February 28, 2018.

——Description from Manufacturer——

Ishikei’s specially drawn “Pushed Girl” turned into a figure!

Popular manga artist and illustrator Ishikei’s drawing based on the concept of “a girl being pushed against glass” has been turned into a figure!

The window uses clear parts, to let you enjoy from the front the sight of the girl’s pressed breasts and their softly changed shape.

The butt sticking out and the pained expression are also sights to behold. As for the coloring, the shiny skin typical of Ishikei’s art, the so called “Ishikei painting”, has been carefully recreated by making the skin slightly glossy.

The wall can be detached from the pedestal, to let you, for example, display the figure with the breasts pushed against the window of your own showcase, or have fun with it in other ways depending on how you display it.

The figure also includes exchangeable body parts, that daringly switch the focus from the breasts being pushed against the glass to the lower half of the body.

The way in which a finger enters the soft butt is the best part!

Take this figure, with its two concepts to enjoy, in your hands.

★ Pre-Order Bonus: Ishikei Illustrated Post Card
★ Included: Pedestal, exchangeable body parts.