Rocket Boy is going to release the Creators Collection MATAGARI 1/6 PVC figure from original character by “Ishikei” ( 石恵 ) from the doujin circle “NiseMIDIdoronokai ” ( 偽MIDI泥の会 ). Will be release in September 2021. Around 180mm tall, 19,800 yen (taxed in).

This post contains adult material, you need to be 18 or over to view it.

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For those of you who want to get this MATAGARI figure, you can pre-order her at Native Online Shop HERE before March 29, 2021.

——Description from Manufacturer——

A figure based on Key Ishi’s illustration of a girl straddling a teddy bear!

Based on a rough sketch by popular manga artist and illustrator Kei Ishi, we present this figure of "MATAGARI" – a girl straddling a teddy bear as she looks up at you ever so slightly.

Her breasts framed by an open shirt, bottom peeking out from under the hem, the fleshy line from her waist to thighs, and the situation in which she straddles this teddy bear make an otherwise simple pose very striking. Gloss has been applied to parts of her skin and to create a distinctive "Kei Ishi style" look.

The bodily fluid parts at her crotch as well as the panties hanging from her left foot can be removed, you can arrange the skirt and shoes as you like, and you also have the option of removing the bear, so the range of play is limited only be your imagination

Enjoy the task of finding which arrangement suits you best.

★ Pre-Order Bonus: Illustratd Postcard by Kei Ishi
★ Included:teddy bear, skirt, panties, shoes, bodily fluid parts, fake fur base

Limited to a purchase of 3 units per person.
* If you wish to order other products, please make a separate order.