Kotobukiya is going to release the Ayanami Rei ( 綾波レイ ) Yukata Ver. ( 浴衣ver.) 1/8 PVC figure from the the Neon Genesis Evangelion new movie “Evangelion 2.0 You can (not) Advance” ( 新劇場版エヴァンゲリオン「破」 ). Will be released in July 2010. Around 200mm tall, 4,800 yen.

You can order her here

Because of the price tag I thought she was one of those re-release by Kotobukiya again. But of coz she isn’t. She was one of those new figures that we saw in WF2010[Winter] last month. This figure is CHEAP! After the cheapo 5,524 yen Misaka Mikoto by GSC last week, I still can’t believe a new PVC figure can be this cheap. What new figure can you buy with under 4,800 yen these days? You can’t even buy 2 figma with 4,800 yen.

Well anyway, this Ayanami Rei looks a bit weird to me. Maybe I’m still not use to see her smile after these 15yrs or just maybe her hair is a bit too thin. But what do you expect for 4,800 yen? =P She even comes with 2 postcards. If you look closely to the base, these is a gap there for you to hold the postcard there as a background.

There is no news yet for Asuka or Mari Yukata Ver. yet, but I’m pretty sure Kotobukiya will make them really soon. =]

——Description from Manufacturer——

Sculpted by Tatsumaki

The Evangelion Theatrical Movie 2 is set for DVD and Blu-ray release in Japan on May 26th, and Kotobukiya is ready to present a beautiful new Rei figure to coincide with the release! This figure features a coquettish Rei dressed in traditional Japanese summer Yukata, with the bold navy coloration of the Yukata helping to bring out Rei’s natural charm. Of course the fine details in the Yukata, like the material’s pattern and the knot on her Obi sash have been reproduced beautifully, and Rei’s expression perfectly matches her dress. Rei comes completed with a candy apple and hand pouch, and there are even two alternate background scenes that you can choose to change the atmosphere and situation. This is a great figure that lets you enjoy Rei’s more grown-up side, along with her more dramatic presentation in the film!

Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance Trailer