WAVE is going to release the Treasure Figure Collection Makinami Mari Illustrious ( 真希波・マリ・イラストリアス) New Plug Suit Ver. ( 新プラグスーツVer.) 1/10 PVC figure from the Neon Genesis Evangelion movie “Evangelion 2.0 You can (not) Advance” ( 新劇場版エヴァンゲリオン「破」 ). Will be released in September 2010. Around 170mm tall, 4,400 yen.

You can order her here 

Does Mari taller than Asuka and Ayanami? Both the Asuka and Ayanami 1/10 figure from WAVE are only 160mm tall, this Mari is 170mm! If the scale is accurate, she is 170cm (5’7″) in real life. That’s really tall for a 14 years old girl!!! XD

——Description from Manufacturer——

Sculpted by Miki Ousaka from Cherry Blossoms

Mari is here, and she’s wearing the new-style plugsuit from the climactic end of Evangelion 2.0!

Continuing in the same series as Rei’s Plugsuit version and Asuka in Test-Type Plugsuit, Miki Ousaka has once again produced an amazing figure with tremendous detail and expression. Don’t miss you chance to complete your collection, or start a new one!

Featuring Neck Joint H – this allows you to switch out Mari’s head with other compatible figures (such as the Beach Queens series) as well as pose Mari looking in whatever direction you like!

**Ayanami Rei and Asuka sold separately**

Evangelion 2.22 You can (not) Advance promo