I think most of you noticed that Nekomagic had some problem in the last couple days. I really have no idea why. Actually I was out of town with no internet no 3G no cell phone signal since Friday (Sept 4) morning and until I came back last night (Sept 7). All those posts you have seen in the last 4 days were the hard work I did on Thu (Sept 3). I made all those posts on Thu night (Sept 3) and scheduled them to be posted in the in the last 4 days. I tried to make you guys think that I didn’t go anywhere and wanted to surprise you guys today and told you I was actually gone.

I guess maybe scheduled the posts to be posted in 4 different days was the reason that the database was screwed up. But then I really have no idea why the database was fixed by itself. Maybe after all the scheduled posts were posted, the database went back to normal?

Sorry for the inconvenience, thank you for those who had sent me emails to tell me about the issiue, and thank you for all your supports! =]

Btw, the image in the banner is the image for the coming Link Exchange Program. You may have noticed that the Link Exchange tab had been up for couple weeks already. The Program is not officially start yet, but you can submit your email for the most updated news about the program. =D