Taki corporation is going to release the Futaba Riho ( 双葉理保 ) 1/7 Polystone figure from the Xbox360 game “Dream C Club” ( ドリームクラブ ) pubished by D3 Publisher. Will be released in July 2010, 9,800 yen.

This is the second Dream C Club figure by Taki, here comes Futaba Riho, one of the most well known characters by D3 Publisher! Way before Dream C Club, she was in the “SIMPLE” series back in 2001 and had appeared in over 20 games. She even has her own webpage under the D3 Publisher site! =D

This Futaba Riho figure from Taki looks ok this time! Sadly she is in 1/7 scale and the previous Amane was in 1/8 scale so it’s gonna be a big problem when you display them together. Why would Taki make them in two different scale? =/

Btw, is this game called “Dream Club” or “Dream C Club” in English? In Japanese, it’s called “Dream Club”, without a “C” in the middle.