Kaiyodo is going to release the Revoltech Yamaguchi No.63 Ricky ( リッキー ) action figure form the Sony Playstation game “Dokodemoissyo” ( どこでもいっしょ ). Will be released on October 15, 2008. Around 85mm tall, 1,995 yen.

Couple of my friends really like the Dokodemoissyo series. Some of them are really crazy about it. They would hang those cellphone strips everywhere, replac all the windows icons with the characters, use the character pic as their avater…etc. I like this series too but not as crazy as my friends. I think their design are really simple and their characters are really cute. =]

Download original size pic here

Dokodemoissyo Playstation CM

Official Dokodemoissyo homepage

source from Kaiyado