Volks is going to release the Millhi Concert Dress Set ( ミルヒのコンサートドレスセット ) from the anime “Dog Days” ( ドッグデイズ ). Will be released in Doll Party 26 ( ドールズ・パーティー26 ) on December 18, 2011. 13,440 yen (taxed in). Doll Party 26 event exclusive. Dollfie Dream Sister Millhiore F. Biscotti doll is NOT included.

Dollfie Dream Sister Millhiore F. Biscotti (left), Concert Dress Set (right)

This Dollfie Dream Millhi is soooooooo cute!!! But as usual, this is not something I can afford. (@@. This Millhi and the concert dress set is Doll Party 26 event exclusive which will be host at Tokyo Big Sight East 1,2 Hall from 10:00 to 17:00 on December 18, 2011(Japan Time). You can check out the official Dolls Party 26 website here.

——Description from Manufacturer——

  • Size: DDS (M Bust Only), DD (M Bust Only)
  • Includes: Wig, Choker, Dress, Waist Ribbon, Flower Accessory, Gloves, Heels
  • Edition : Dolls Party 26 Limited Item
  • [ Dolls Party 26 (To Japanese Site)]
  • Price : 13,440yen (with fee)

——The Joy after “Battle”——

The joy for the Biscotti Republic’s people is Millhi’s concerts after “battle”. The costume which Millhi wore at the concert becomes available as an outfit set! This great set includes a big flower accessory as well as a wig with loosely flowing hair.


  • Doll, wig, etc are not included.
  • Depending on the design, disassembly may be required to put on some of the outfits.
  • The item pictured is a sample. Please understand the items included may change and the actual product may vary.
  • Please be careful as the color of the outfit may stain the surface of the doll.
  • Please be careful as the color of the wig may stain the surface of the doll. We recommend the use of a “Dollfie® Head Cap” to prevent the wig staining the doll’s head.
  • The outfit contains very delicate sewn areas. Rough treatment is liable to cause damage, so please take care when handling the outfit.