R-line Griffon Enterprises is going to re-release the Djibril ( 聖天使ジブリール ) 1/7 PVC figure from the eroge series “Djibril -The Devil Angel-” ( 魔界天使ジブリール ) published by Front Wing. Will be re-released in June 2010. Around 270m tall, 6,800 yen. Castoffable.

This is just a re-release of the Djibri 1/7 PVC figure which was released in 2008. For thoes who want to see the cast-off images of her, you can head over to the previous release post here and here.

**Djibril -The Devil Angel-4**

For those who wonder why Griffon re-release her all of sudden. It is because the new Djibril series, Djibril -The Devil Angel- 4, is coming out this month (April 23)!!! I don’t really like the new costume design for Djibril 4 tho. It looks more like a spacesuit than school swimsuit.

Maimai, the younger devil sister. No she is not BRS.

Unlike the Djibril 2 and 3, the new Djibril 4 do not have the heronies from the preivous series. So that means all the characters are NEW (except Loveriel)! The new characters is really cute and one of them looks really like BRS. I’m so looking forward for her figure. XD

——Description from Manufacturer——

Initial release Dec 2008

Sculpted by Yuuji Asano

Djibril is back! This cute angel has a school-swimsuit inspired costume that hugs her body and really shows off her figure! Featuring clear parts on her halo as well as her wings and a great custom base this is a must have for Djibril fans! Also includes option parts so you can choose to display her as-is or with battle damage!

Djibril -The Devil Angel-4 OP