Nothing speical happened last month so I totally forgot to post our Nekomagic monthly news last month! XD

  • As of this moment, is ranked 175,556 (was 156,505 in Oct 2009). We dropped like crazy again but I can see that we’re coming back slowly in the 7 days and 1 month ranking.
  • Right now, we have 4,125 registered user (3,815 in Oct 2009), 836 feed subscribers (750 in Oct 2009), and 437 email subscribers (409 in Oct 2009). Seems like the amount of the user registration is slowing down.

This post contains adult material, you need to be 18 or over to view it.

Nekomagic Store:

  • The wholesaler in Japan is giving us a hard time. It’s understandable since we’re a new online store.
  • I have a shipping question for those who live in US. Let’s say I want to ship a figma or a 1/8 scale figure within US, around how much is the shipping for USPS or Fedex/UPS?


  • Nekomagic is in Facebook now! You can search “Nekomagic GGT” in Facebook and you should be able to find me. Or you can just click this link here to add me.

Here are what I got in November. And as for the items that I got in October, I forgot to include them in the photo. =P

Nendoroid Hachune Miku plushie for the win!!! XD

The quality of Revoltech QB is getting better and better. I love this Menace a lot!
You can order her here

figma Aigis is pretty so I got two. You can order her here 

Now I only need the figma Miyuki summer ver. to complete the whole Lucky Star set.

The Revoltech box is really wasting space.

Both of them are MOE!! =D

Let’s check out the lovely Menace first. =]

I like this Menace a lot. I think she is the best Revoltech QB in the market so far

Look how good is the detail on this little figure.

The paint job is good too.

And she is only 2,900 yen! The quality is better than a lot of 1/8 figures IMO.

You can’t really tell from the photos here. There are acutally different shade of color on her skin, face, hair, and the clothes (?)

The main reason for most of the people why they bought QB figures. =P

Love her facial expression a lot.

!!!!!? Look who’s there! =D

Now let’s check out this Aigis.

As most people have noticed already, the quality of figma is going down.

Look at all those seamlines. It is really disappointing. =(

And the paint job isn’t really good. =/

Overall she is ok for the price ( 2,667 yen). But Max Factory can do a lot better than this.

Well anyway, let’s see Aigis in action! =D

Her legs are really really long.

She is really poseable.

The quality of her hands are really crappy. =(

Moe Moe Aigis! =D

Again, Aigis in action!!! XD

Here comes our freind Toro!

And here comes another Toro!!

And here comes a small Toro!!! XD

Haha, the face of Menace and small Toro are priceless. XD