Resinya! is going to release the Portraits Collection Asakura Nemu ( 朝倉 音夢 ) Big Brother’s Y-shirt ( 兄さんのYシャツ ) 1/6 27cm doll set from the eroge/anime series “D.C. ~Da.Capo~” ( D.C. ダ・カーポ ) published by CIRCUS. Will be released in late August 2010. Around 270mm tall, 7,810 yen. GEE! store exclusive.

The bust statue of this Asakura Nemu is one of the earliest bust statues that Resinya! made along with the Shirakawa Kotori back in late 2007. Yup, they’re pretty ugly even in the 2007 standard but still there are enough market demand for Resinya! reuse their bust statues again as GEE! store exclusive. I’m not into doll (yet) so I don’t understand why would people want to buy them. Maybe they’re really good for the doll standard or just because they’re classic characters?

D.C. ~Da.Capo~ anime OP