Orchidseed is going to release the Succubus Sylvia ( サキュバス・シルヴィア ) Misty Violet Ver. ( ミスティバイオレットver. ) 1/6 PVC figure from the ero manga magazine “Comic Unreal” ( コミックアンリアル ) Vol. 02 cover illustrated by Mogudan (モグダン). Will be released in March April 2012. Around 220mm tall, 8,256 yen.

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Original color version (left), Misty Violet Ver. (right)

Here comes the alternative color version of one of the Orchidseed’s best selling figure in 2009! This Succubus Sylvia is HOT!!! Personally I think the color scheme of this Misty Violet Ver. looks better than the origihal color version. For those who like ero figure, this is one of the best that you don’t want to miss! =D

——Description from Manufacturer——

From the 2009 released “Comic Unreal Succubus Silvia” figure is finally being rereleased!
Demon like charm emitting dynamite body has been left as it is and the body suits design has been reproduced by Mogudan, and is very attractive!

Download the uncensored pic here

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