Hot Toys is going to release the Comic Masterpiece Saeba Ryo ( 冴羽獠 ) 1/6 doll form the old school manga/anime “City Hunter” ( シティーハンター ). Will be released in December 2011 January February April 2012. Around 300mm tall, 18,858 yen.

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Wow, these Saeba Ryo and Nogami Saeko dolls really bring back some good old memories! Beside Dragon Ball, City Hunter was another popular manga/anime amoug my classmates in my middle school days. Wow, it was more than 20 years ago!! And I still have whole manga set in my bookshelf. =D

——Description from Manufacturer——

Hot Toys has made another new addition to its Comic Masterpiece lineup – the legendary manga City Hunter!

Ryo Saeba enters the Hot Toys lineup looking stylish and dashing as ever at 30cm tall and with 30 points of articulation. This figure captures all the different side’s of Ryo’s personality – from the stylish and kind warrior of the streets to the fun-loving playboy. Featuring two heads, one is his cool and composed “Sweeper” look – ready to take down any baddies who stray across his path. The second is his “mokkori” face – well known to residents of Shinjuku’s entertainment district! Every head is handpainted to adhere to the strictest of quality standards.

His costume features his signature blue jacked along with an optional long coat – both of which preserve his well-known silhouette. Hot Toys military figure experience shines in the reproduction of Ryo’s beloved Colt Python 357, his M1 carbine rifle as well as his shoulder holster – which can hold his pistol. He also includes Saeko’s lacy bra and special hands to hold it enabling you to perfectly reproduce his more comedic moments!

You will be able to see just how much Hot Toys respects the City Hunter license with this amazing new figure!


**Nogami Saeko doll sold separately**

**Nogami Saeko doll sold separately**

**Nogami Saeko doll sold separately**

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