Good Smile Company is going to release the Nendoroid No.41 Melissa Seraphy ( メリッサ・セラフィ ) Devil King version ( 魔王Ver. ) action figure from the eroge “Chu X Chu Paradise” ( Chu×Chuぱらだいす ). Will be released in Wonder Festival 2008 [Summer] (August 03, 2008). Around 160mm tall, 3,500 yen. Will be sold at the Wonder Festival 2008 [Summer] event only.

Never play any “Chu X Chu” eroge before, but I love their characters. They’re all so moe! I love Melissa so much, her pumkin dress is cute. XD

btw, this is another rip off from Good Smile Company for WF2008. The only different between this and the Nendoroid No.36 Melissa Seraphy (going to release in July 2008) is the large crown and the mat. I’ll be so mad if I pre-order the No.36 already since you can get more stuff if you buy this No.41. \(><.

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