Atelier-Sai is going to release the Felli Loss ( フェリ・ロス ) 1/8 PVC figure from the light novel/manga/anime “Chrome Shelled Regios” ( 鋼殻のレギオス ). Will be released in August 2009. Around 150mm tall, 7,000 yen.

You can pre-order her here 

Here comes my favorite girl Felli Loss from Chrome Shelled Regios! Too bad this figure doesn’t looks like any Felli that I’m familiar with. She doesn’t looks like the anime nor the manga “Chrome Shelled Regios” version at all, and doesn’t really like the manga “Missing Mail” version either. I wonder which version of Felli the sculptor based on. (-___-.?

Felli in the light novel

Felli in the Anime

Felli in the manga by Miyuu

Felli in the manga “Missing Mail” by Nodoka Kiyose & Miyuu

Chrome Shelled Regios anime OP

Official Chrome Shelled Regios light novel homepage

Official Chrome Shelled Regios anime homepage

via Atelier-Sai