Bandai is going to release the Chozoukei Damashii Kyabajyoppi -Float like a butterfly, make like the devil- ( キャバ嬢っぴ ~蝶のように舞い、鬼のように稼ぐ。~ ) trading figure from the cellphone game “Kyabajyoppi” ( キャバ嬢っぴ ) publishied by LEVEL5. Will be released in March 2010. Each figure around 500mm tall. 8 pieces in 1 box, 3,808 yen. 8 kinds in total.

Kyabajyoppi is a cellphone game for you to raise up a girl to become the No.1 night club hostess in Japan. This game look really fun, some of the customers are the popular manga characters, such as Shima Kosaku ( 島耕作 ) and Yajima Kintarou ( 矢島金太郎 ). I was gonna upload the Kyabajyoppi preview to Youtube, but I forgot my Youtube account was banned. It sux. =/