Clayz is going to release the Gretel ( グレーテル ) non-scale PVC figure, the original character designed by CHOCO. Will be released in March 2009, 6,500 yen.

You can order her here

Gretel is a original character designed by CHOCO. Who is CHOCO? Don’t know who he is but sounds really familiar right? Yup, coz he is a very famous mechine designer. You might saw his name before in the credit at the end of some anime. And he is also the product designer of the recently aired anime Chaos;Head. Oh, and the is the character designer of Busou Shinki series 7 & 11.

Anyway, this figure is loosely based on the illustration below. I don’t know why, but seems like the ppl on BBS doesn’t really like this figure. They said the pose of this figure is very boring and said it’s very disappointing that Miyagawa Takeshi ( 宮川武 ), the figure sculptor from T’s System, changed her from the “bend down and draw the gun” to “stand up and hold the gun”.

I really like this figure myself tho. But seems like Clayz screwed her up in the finally production model. The pic below is the PVC version. The color is soooooo plain!!! And the edges are also rounded. I would believe it if you told me this is just a trading figure. =(

Official CHOCO personal blog

Official T’s System homepage

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