Chara Hobby 2009 C3 X Hobby ( キャラホビ2009 C3 X Hobby ) is held in Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex ( 幕張メッセ 国際展示場 ) from August 29th – 30th 2009. This is a garage kit and anime/manga character goods event which sponsored by Hobby Japan, ASCII Media Works, and Sotsu that held in summer annually.

For those who are curious, C3 stands for “Cultural Convention of Characters” which doesn’t make any sense to me. Maybe the committee just wanted to make it sounded cool. =P

Here is the Part 3 for day 1. I wonder if there are anything new in day 2. If they do, then I’ll post it tomorrow.


I want that Haruhi-chan set!!

Nissin Foods

CM’s Corp

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