Skytube (Alphamax) is going to release the Champion Red Ichigo Cover Illustration by Komatsu Eeji( チャンピオンREDいちご表紙絵 駒都えーじ画 ) Christmas decorations in the white school swimsuit ( 白スクール水着でクリスマス装飾 ) non-scale cold cast GK from the original illustration by “Komatsu Eeji” ( 駒都えーじ ). Will be released on May 2010. Around 120mm tall (figure) and 170mm diameter (base), 16,800 yen.

I bet this is one of the longest title that we Nekomagic ever have for a single figure. =P Anyway, for those who are curious, Champion Red Ichigo is NOT an ero manga magazine. It is just a all-ages manga magazine but with A LOT of ero content (what? LOL). The manga authors of this magazine have been pushing the boundaries, of the legal requirement of age restrictions, to its limits. For those who are still don’t know what I’m talking about, go check out the lastest issue of Champion Red Ichigo here at AkibaOS (18+). XD

Oh, by the way, Komatsu Eeji is the same illustrator that drew the “School Swimsuit Mecha Nurse Girl Nana” ( スク水メカナース少女 ナナ ).

Original illustration

Champion RED Ichigo Vol.11 cover