Fots Japan is going to release the Overalls JS ( オーバーオールJS) 1/5 PMMA & PU figure from the original character by “Capriccio” ( かぷりちお ). Will be released in March 2018. Around 140mm tall, 12,000 yen. Castoffable.

****~~~Merry Christmas!!!~~~****

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Sorry I’m late! These figures were supposed to be posted yestarday but I went to Christmas shopping for the whole day and I didn’t have time to post them. =P

Here comes the second figure from Fots Japan. I wrote something about Fots Japan and PMMA & PU before you can read it HERE if you’re interested. Fots Japan said the body of this Overalls JS figure is carefully designed and will be made in one piece instead of multiple pieces. You will not see any joints or ugly arm bracelets on her. And the best thing about this Overalls JS is she is castoffable!!! =D