Konami is going to release the Artille Full Barrel ( アーティル フルバレル ) MMS 3rd action figure from the Konami MMS (Multi Movable System) Busou Shinki ( 武装神姫 ) series. Will be released on November 24, 2011, 5,460 yen (taxed in). Konami Style exclusive.

Artille Full Barrel (left), Raptias Air Dominance (right)

We got two new Busou Shinki here today, they are Artille Full Barrel and Raptias Air Dominance. Both of them are the alternative color version of the previous released Artille and Raptias. And I think this black color scheme looks so much better than the original pink and baby blue.

They are Konami Style exclusive tho. If you want to order then you can order them at Konami Style here for Artille Full Barrel and here for Raptias Air Dominance. You can actually get them both as a set here for 10,920 yen (taxed) or you can get the set with the “Character Song & Special Radio Rondo Vol.3 CD” here for 15,120 yen (taxed). =]