Konami is going to release the Altlene Viola ( アルトレーネ ヴィオラ ) MMS Type Valkyrie action figure from the Konami MMS (Multi Movable System) Busou Shinki ( 武装神姫 ) series. Will be released on November 25, 2010, 7,350 yen (taxed in). Konami Style exclusive.

**Altines Rose sold separately**

Here come the MMS Type Valkyrie sisters, Altlene and Altines, again! Instead of White and Black, this time they come in alternative color. Altlene becomes “Viola” and Altines becomes “Rose”. I don’t know much about Busou Shinki so I’ll stop my BS here. =P

For those who want to get them, you can get your proxy service to order them from Konami Style here (Altlene Viola) and here (Altines Rose).