Yamato is going to release the Priss with MotoSlave 1/15 action figure from the series Bubblegum Crisis in May 2008. Priss around 110mm tall, MotoSlave around 140mm length, 150mm tall when transformed. 7,140Yen.

I was gonna write the news about Sylia with MotoSlave, couldn’t find it anywhere on Yamato’s website so I wrote this Priss with MotoSlave instead.

Never watch Bubblegum Crisis before, didn’t know their bike can transform like that. It reminds me of Sky Girls. Honesty, I think this action figure is very ugly espeically after the MotoSlave transformed into human form. But since Bubblegum crisis is a 20 years old anime, it’s not fair to judge it with today’s standard, my bad.

Original size pic at download section

Offical Bubblegum Crisis website