Tsume is going to release the HQS Abarai Renji ( 阿散井 恋次 ) 1/6 Resin figure from the popular manga/anime “Bleach” ( ブリーチ ). Will be released in Q1 2015. Around 430mm tall and 350mm wide, 12kg, €369 (taxed in). Only 600 pieces will be available worldwide.

For those of you who want to get this HQS Abarai Renji figure, you can pre-order him at Tsume HERE!

——Description from Manufacturer——

Now our very popular Ulquiorra Schiffer has been released, time has come for Tsume to show you its next creation in the univers of Tito Kubo’s masterpiece, Bleach. We are proud to bring you today our new HQS by Tsume resin statue: Renji Abarai and its monumental bankai, Hihiô Zabimaru! The pose is inspired from an original drawing where Renji and Ichigo are side by side.

The lieutenant of the 6th division has a fierce character and probably is Rukia Kuchiki’s best friend. With his red hair kept in high ponytail and his tattoos, Renji displays his own style amongst shinigamis. When equipped with his bankai he gains a coat in monkey’s fur with a skull on it.

Hihiô Zabimaru
On another hand, the base of the statue displays a dust cloud that reveals Renji’s gigantic ally, Zabimaru in his giant snake form. The precise sculpture is emphasised by a meticulous paint job with slight gradients and a vivid paint job. This is indubitably our best Bleach creation to day!