Gift is going to release the Black Rock Shooter ( ブラック★ロックシューター ) plush strip from the anime “Black Rock Shooter” ( ブラック★ロックシューター ). Will be first released in Wonder Festival 2011 [Winter] on February 6, 2011. Regular order will be taken at Gift Online Shop from February 6, 2011 and will be released in May 2011. Around 150mm tall (sitting position), 2,000 yen (taxed in) at event and 2,100 yen (taxed in) at store.

Tako Luka 3 & 4, Yui & Mio, Snow Miku & Snow Miku Bear Ver., Black Rock Shooter

Gift just announced the new items that they’re going to release in the up coming Wonder Festival 2011 [Winter]! There are no info for those two Snow Miku yet, but they should be announced soon. All of them will be first released in WF2011[winter]. And the regular order will be taken at Gift Online Shop on February 6, 2011 at 8pm (Japan time). But what sux big time is they are all gonna be Gift Online Shop exclusive. Gift have no plan for general sales at this stage. =(

Black Rock Shooter VS Black Gold Saw