Hobby Japan is going to release the Black Rock Shooter ( ブラック★ロックシューター ) charm from the anime “Black Rock Shooter” ( ブラック★ロックシューター ). Will be bundled with the Hobby Japan monthly magazine 8 ( 月刊ホビージャパン8月号) . Will be released on June 25, 2010. Around 30mm tall, 800 yen.

May 18, 2010: Updated with DVD information

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah, this BRS is sooo cute!! She is based on the illustration of CHAN×CO who is the person that did the silly face of the Nendoroid BRS. The finally product will have a chain above her head so that you can hang her up anywhere you want.

Beside this BRS charm, here are some other good news from Hobby Japan and other magazines (LOL, usually it is a sad thing for us when I mention Hobby Japan or Dengeki). Mark your calander now!

Magazine Bundled item
Hobby Japan 8 ( June 25 release) BRS chram
Megami Magazine 8 [Vol. 123] ( June 30 release) BRS poster illustrated by Huke
Animedia 8 ( July 10 release) BRS Weiβ Schwarz PR card

Update (May18): The DVD bundle information is here! Beside Hobby Japan, Megami and Animedia will also have the DVD bundled! =D

Magazine Bundled item
Hobby Japan 9 ( July 24 release) BRS animation DVD (50min)
Megami Magazine 9 [Vol. 124] ( July 30 release) BRS animation DVD (50min)
Animedia 9 ( August 10 release) BRS animation DVD (50min)

You can pre-order all those magazines in HLJ or Play-Asia. The pre-order is not up yet as of this moment. You may need to wait until a week or so before the release date of the magazines.

  • Hobby Japan
  • Megami Magazine
  • Animedia

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