Keumaya ( 希有馬屋 ) is going to release the Black Kotone ( 黒琴音 ) non-scale PVC figure from the original character created by Keumaya. Will be released in May 2010. Around 250mm tall, 8,300 yen (taxes, shipping and handling included). Castoffable. Pre-order will be taken at April 17, 2010 midnight, “Shop Keumaya” exclusive.

This post contains adult material, you need to be 18 or over to view it.

Actually this is a re-release of this Black Kotone. I couldn’t really remember, she was first released in WF2010[winter] or something like that. This Black Kotone is the alternative version of the Hyper Nurse Pain Killer Kotone-chan. But since all of the Keumaya figures in the same series are based on the same body, they all look like the alternative version to me anyway.

Beside this Black Kotone, the Hyper Nurse Pain Killer Kotone-chan and the Hyer Nurse Milkyway Hotaru-chan will be also available for pre-order too. The link to the “Shop Keumaya” is not up yet. For those who want to get them, you better keep your eyes on the Keumaya website these days. =]

She can hold the weapon on either hand

And you can take her eye patch off.

You can take her jacket off

And all of her accessories off too.

And you can even take the bandage off!!

**comes with the public hair decals**

Download the uncensored pic here

“How to get Password” detail at download section