Griffon Enterprises is going to release the Kirisaki Kyoko ( キリサキ キョウコ ) 1/8 PVC figure from the manga/anime “Black Cat”. Will be release in November 2008. Around 185mm tall, 5,600 yen.

Beside Eve, Kyoko is the only character makes a come back in “ToLoveRu”. She is my second fav girl in Black Cat (Of coz the first fav girl is Eva XD ). I wonder why Griffon makes this figure (because of ToLoveRu?). Both Black Cat manga and anime were finished long time ago. I wonder if they have enough buyers for her.

Seems like this figure is castoffable just look at the molding lines. Well, at least you can take the hoodie and the skirt off. But I don’t think you can see anything since it’s just under normal Griffon Enterprises, not under R-line.

Download original size pic here

Black Cat anime OP

Official Black Cat anime homepage

source from Griffon Enterprises