Embrace Japan is going to release the Black Hood Venoir ( ブラックフード・ベノア ) non-scale PVC figure from the original character “Black Arts Keeper” ( 黒の守り手 ) designed by Hirose Sousi ( 広瀬総士 ). Will be released in October 2014. Around 240mm tall (with base), 12,000 yen for the standard version, 13,500 yen for the DVD bonus edition. Castoffable.

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  • You can order her here:
  • Standard Edition:
  • DVD Bonus Edition:

Embrace Japan finally come up with a title, Black Arts Keeper Project, for this series! If you’re going to get this Black Hood Venoir, maybe you should pay a bit more and get the DVD bonus version. As you can see the Youtube promo video below, the DVD will feature Black Hood Venoir, Sigrid of the thorn, and Iron Princess Duram Sherif! =D

Download the uncensored pic here

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